Once you call our office at 610-524-1176 or after you fill out the contact form, you’ll be speaking with either Janet or Tom.

We will ask you a few questions to get an idea of your practice, as well as what exactly you are looking for from a billing service.

We don’t necessarily perform the same services for everyone; we cater our services to your needs.  That’s good news because you only pay for what you need.  We can’t quote a fee without asking you some questions and without crunching some numbers on our side.  Once we do that, we would get back with you to discuss various options.

Provider Network Services is not an internet claim processing service.  We are a full-featured billing service that believes in the relationship we have with our clients.  We know you work hard to develop relationships with your patients, and so when they call our office for billing questions, all they know is they are speaking to someone professional.

PNS also believes in leveraging technology to achieve success.  We already have the infrastructure to support your billing efforts.  For example, no one who calls our office will get a busy signal.  All calls are either answered directly by a human being or if we’re already on the phone, the call is routed to a voicemail system.  We then promptly return voicemails.  It’s as if the patient never lost his/her place in line.

One other aspect that makes us unique is we don’t do business with everyone who reaches out to us.  Instead, we are rather selective with whom we do business.  We do this because we want to ensure we are available to give each of our clients our 100%.

In all honesty, most billing services just want to get bills printed and out in the mail.  PNS believes in the relationship, and we realize that the bill is ultimately going to another person.  We work with you to ensure we cater our billing processes to meet your needs and to fit in line with the relationship you have built with your patients over the years.

We believe that with PNS, a Provider’s office will be more efficient and that the investment into our services will reap you returns in many forms, including time, money, less stress, and more comfort.

So, once we identify your needs, we may ask to meet with you.  That’s because we want to get to know our clients.  We also do our due diligence, so we will ask for accounts receivable and/or income statements in order to ensure we provide you an accurate quote.

Some of the things we ask for involve understanding your current billing situation, practice demographics, and what prompted you to reach out to us.  Then, based off your answers, we continue our conversation with further questions until we feel we have sufficient information to continue the process.

Once you become a client through our selection process, we feel you won’t ever turn around.  You’ll know first-hand what value PNS has provided to your practice, and you’ll wonder how you ever ran a medical practice without us.  That’s not marketing hype; that’s the truth.

If you don’t have time to get set up with a billing service, don’t worry… it’s rather painless.  It just starts with contacting us…

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