When people ask me what we charge, my response is that it depends. Since we cater our services to the needs of the practice, that means a few things things:

1) We need to know what you need first

2) You only pay for what you need

3) We need to understand your practice as it is today

4) We want to ensure you know the value we provide

The reason why we’ve been around for so long and because our client retention is so high is because of our values.  Our integrity, attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile, and focus on success drives what we do each and every day.

We don’t want bargain hunters to do business with us.  The reason is simple: we over-deliver, and we want clients that appreciate that so that they become long-term clients.  Bargain shoppers tend to hop all around, and it takes a lot of resources to bring a new account on board before we even made a penny in many cases.

Most business owners truly understand that.

The price has to be fair to both parties.  When considering price, you also need to consider the value for the services, plus the service items themselves.  In other words, look at what you are getting for what you are paying!

Don’t get me wrong – there are “services” that thrive on volume – they can care less about accuracy (their contracts state it!), and they often don’t care about the true success of a mutual relationship.  As a result, those service offerings are usually very cheap.  It’s not that we are more expensive; they are under-priced, and actually, for the lack of accurate bookkeeping, I believe you would be paying them too much!

Going for every penny you are legally and ethically entitled to, combined with our focus on true and accurate records, plus the true relationship we bring to the practice, are some of the things that drive us to give it our all each and every day.

We believe in truly consulting you on your solution.  We want to help you find the solution to your problem.  If we feel we aren’t the answer, we’ll tell you.  Likewise, we’ll help you ask other companies the right questions to see if they are right for you!  We will even compare contracts and present you with a comparison matrix so that you can literally review multiple companies with ease.  The reason why we do this is two-fold:

1) We want you to find your solution

2) We know that you’ll refer potential clients to us because of all the value we provide

We will then give you our honest recommendation on the solution.  Usually when a client comes on board, only then do they realize how we undersold the value of our services.  A recent client told us if they knew then what they know now, they would have accepted our original offer with no questions asked.

For another client we recovered 5-figures of incorrectly-submitted claims in one of the first months of doing business with them.  And that was because we went above and beyond for their benefit.  They thought the claims were being submitted correctly!

Our solutions and services are backed with integrity.  What price would you pay for that?

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