ICD-10…oh my…

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October 1st is quickly approaching.  After many date delays, last-minute changes, software updates, and all sorts of unknowns, ICD-10 is finally here.

If you are like many, this change has only distracted you from your day-to-day of seeing patients.  Yet another billing, regulation, compliance issue to work through.

In the last few years alone, claims were upgraded to ANSI 5010, HIPAA compliance has been modified through additional legislation, EHR / Meaningful Use incentives came up, PQRS, HCFA form changes, the Affordable Care Act, you name it.

How painful have all these been for you?  They don’t have to be painful at all!

Previously, doctors have not had to worry about all these things – and now it seems like there is so much to do today just to get paid what you’ve gotten paid yesterday!

Well, that’s where we come in.  At Provider Network Services (PNS), we work to ensure the highest accuracy, greatest compliance, and provide significant value to your bottom-line.  There’s no question as to why our clients love us and stay with us for many years.

We are not a data-entry shop; we are a small, local, family business dedicated to supporting our clients so that they may continue to do what they do best – seeing patients.

So, who knows what the next change will bring – be ready for it with Provider Network Services.

Click here NOW to contact us today!

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Medical Billing Service in PA

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Provider Network Services is a family-owned business in Pennsylvania. We of course are open to working with providers who are licensed in other states as well. We believe in delivering exceptional value, more than you ever thought you would get from a billing service.

With over 20+ years of psychiatric billing experience, we truly know the importance of ensuring the security of PHI/ePHI under HIPAA. We do bill for additional specialties as well, and we carry our data security mindset with us into those disciplines.

We offer state of the art security as a given in our full-service model, and if you are in southeastern PA (Chester, Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery, Philadelphia counties), we will more than likely make several trips to your office.

Our long term relationship with you is our goal. We are a growing medical billing service in Pennsylvania who would love to hear from you. Please contact us via the form below.

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EHR, EMR, and Meaningful Use Incentives

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If you are like most medical doctors, you are scrounging to qualify for the Meaningful Use incentives by leveraging EHR/EMR.

With Phase 1 of Meaningful Use, only a few key pieces of information are needed to be entered into an EHR/EMR system, such as patient demographics, diagnoses, and procedures.

In order to qualify for phase 1 incentives, practices must be using EHR/EMR by June 30th 2013 so that for 3 months (July, August, September) practices will be on EHR/EMR and can thus submit a request for the incentives in October.

Provider Network Services can work with your practice to qualify for these incentives. Simply contact us using the form below to learn how.

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New Psychiatry Coding for 2013

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If you are a psychiatrist or work in a psychiatric office, you might already know that there are significant CPT code changes for 2013 for psychiatrists.

The main difference is medical services are isolated out via Evaluation and Management (E/M) codes, which are 99xxx in series. If medical services are performed with psychotherapy, an additional psychotherapy add-on code should be used as well. If psychotherapy is being performed without medicine services, the regular psychotherapy codes apply.

In addition to this difference, there is a new code for interactive complexity, and new codes for patients in crisis.

Given that E/M codes can vary based on whether or not a patient is new or established, as well as based on place of service, the code series for most people might have just become a bit more complicated.

Luckily, Provider Network Services understands these code changes and is ready to help you ensure your claims are paid in 2013.

Please contact us via the form below to learn more about how we can help you and your practice.

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Welcome to Our New Site!

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Provider Network Services has a new website! Thank you for visiting.

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you, please click here and fill out our contact form.

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