Most practices realize the benefits of a billing service: someone who is an expert in that particular field, is in touch with industry trends, has a focus for success for the practice, only makes money when the doctors do, and so on.

There is an often overlooked reason why you should do business with a billing service.

Before we get to that, when we first talk with practices to discuss their billing needs, they either already do billing in-house or already have a billing service.  Rare is it that we come across a practice that is so new that they need billing from the get-go.

If they already have a billing service, we discuss why it is they are considering switching.  It is our belief we over-deliver, and our clients would back that up.  Some of our clients make more money with us because their previous billing service didn’t do billing the proper way.

If they do billing in-house, we’re usually contacted to help out in some way.  It may be a temporary need, to fill a gap, or to off-load some of the work the practice does.  Billing in-house does take a lot of effort though, which is why one of our clients told us they are so glad they went with us and that they couldn’t do it in-house after now knowing what it takes to do it right.

That leads me to the often overlooked reason…

We don’t want to replace any person doing in-house billing; we want to supplement it or provide an opportunity for the person or people doing the billing to be able to focus on other things such as tending to patient needs, or maybe to provide the biller time to take an extended vacation.

We work with you.  We only get paid when you do, and we are business owners just like you, so we understand what it takes to make it all work.  In fact, if you have a billing service and are even remotely considering switching, just want to see what’s out there, or if you might want to do it in-house, reach out to us.

We’ve seen it where the necessary follow-up slips through the cracks in-house because there is so much other work to do.  If billing is the most dreaded job in your office, remember it is the only job in ours.  So, contact us today.  You can use the form below…

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