Welcome to Provider Network Services!

Provider Network Services (PNS) is a medical billing service with over 20 years of billing experience.

Whether you are interested in leveraging a billing service to save time, increase efficiency, or save money, PNS is your best choice.

Our unique approach to billing lets you focus on what you do best—seeing patients—while we take care of the billing, whether that's claim processing through posting payments, and everywhere in between.

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You Might Want to Do Business with PNS if…

You might want to do business with PNS if you are interested in creating more time for yourself. Maybe you want to use that extra time to see more patients, or perhaps you want to take that vacation you've been waiting to take.

It's also possible you want to save money. Maybe you have an in-house billing staff and want to save money by tasking the existing in-house staff with other necessary items, or perhaps you want to out-source the efforts outright.

Maybe you want to simply outsource the efforts to a dedicated and experienced billing service to free yourself from all the hassle. After all, we have a vested interest in your success, unlike employees, who would make the same amount of money no matter what you collected.

PNS is on your side. We form a tight business relationship with you because we find value in getting to know our clients. When we can work well together, we can both benefit, and since our relationship is mutually beneficial, PNS carries a burning desire to provide quality service for your practice to prosper, all at an affordable price.

Let's face it... The amount of money you would pay us you are probably losing somewhere right now. It could be from the lack of your employees to follow-up, or it could be the value you would have from being able to take time off or see more patients. PNS helps you get what you want. It's that simple.

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5010 Compliant

Provider Network Services uses an advanced Practice Management system that stays up to date with current events in the healthcare industry. As a result, PNS is Medicare 5010 compliant. PNS can help ensure your claims are accepted regardless of changes in the industry.

HIPAA Compliant

PNS is focused on ensuring your patient data, including PHI and ePHI, is protected. Provider Network Services puts into place strict procedures to ensure your data's integrity. Likewise, PNS ensures that only those who have a right to PHI/ePHI are able to access it. Your data, including patient PHI/ePHI, is secure with Provider Network Services.

Flexibility for You

Whether you are looking for someone to do everything from claims to patient bills and everywhere in between, or whether you are simply looking for someone to post payments and send out bills, PNS has you covered. When you speak with us, we will work with you to ensure your needs are met. We provide an approach to billing you won't find anywhere else. We go the extra mile for you, so you can focus on seeing patients.